Garry's Mod | How To Change Your Server's In-Game Name

How to change your Garry's mod server's name in the server listings 

An eye catching title will always attract a crowd!

Utilizing titles is an effective method of attracting new players, through this guide we will elaborate on how to change the name of your server on the server listing for the Garry's Mod main menu.

Make your way over to the game panel.
Head over to the following directory 'garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg' via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or the panel's File Manager.
Edit the file and press CTRL+F, after doing the keyboard shortcut search for 'hostname', after which there will be text (Default being 'my server'.)
Change 'My Server' to a title you wish to use. You are able to use special characters in this name.
Save the file and restart the server.

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