Minecraft | How to use a custom Jar file

This describes how to use a custom jar on your server.

Here is an in depth tutorial on how you would use a customer Jar File with our Game Panel!

So, before we begin there are 2 looks to our Panel , the stream-dark look and the kunefe look. Each look has a few different features which we are working hard to balance out. For this tutorial we are going to use the kunefe look.

Ensure you Game Panel looks like the below panel

Ensure your Server is selected then Press "Management"

Delete all files that are in the File Management Panel, then upload your custom jar file.

Go to Configuration and change the Server Jar File name to that of your uploaded Jar file.

Press Update Startup Parameters and then start your panel on the Console

Note: We are not responsible for improper use any Jar files. We can support the installation through our system but cannot support issues with any game framework.

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