Minecraft | How to use a custom domain

This describes how to have a custom domain for your Minecraft server

Here is an in depth tutorial on how you would use a custom domain with Cpanel.

Before we begin, this is a guide for using the cpanel, these steps will work with any other provider but will look different.

Login to the Cpanel and goto the Zone Editor

Add a new A record by pressing + A Record

Under the Name box type minecraft (a), then put your servers ip address under the address box (b)

Now the A record has been made, click the manage box then Add Record (a) -> Add SRV Record (b) by clicking the arrow at the top right.

Once you have clicked the srv record, fill out the details like so:

For the name, if you want to use a subdomain, e.g. play.yourmc.com in the box you would enter _minecraft._tcp.play.

For the name, if you are using your main domain put _minecraft._tcp as the name.

TTL (b): 14400
Priority (c): 0
Weight (d): 5
Port (e): 25565 (Your servers ip port)
Target (f)minecraft.yourmc.com (Insert the same name as you created at the start with the A record.)

Then click Add Record

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for it to properly update.

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