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Here our some of the common questions we get.

Our support team cannot physically help you work on your server, but we will help with issues and query's that might pop uo. We cannot be your developers, we are just too busy for that.

We usually only offer refunds if there's a fault with your server due to Mixmlhosting & Partners. More about this can be read in our Terms of Service

Most of the times we got some sales goin on in our discord server. Check it out to get a sale on a service. If you don't want to wait for this, contact either the Director or the Chief Finance Officer.

Currently we do only accept payments through paypal. However creating an account on paypal is free. Do you wish to pay with Mastercard, Visa, ... . You have to create a paypal account for this first

This is due paypal auto system. When buying a service with Mixmlhosting, it warns you we are using Paypal autopay. This is because its easier for people to pay, so they don't forget. However when you cancel your service, or you don't us it anymore. Its your responsibility to cancel auto-payment

You can view the Mixmlhosting Wiki on this link: