Game Panel
Control your server, to your liking.
Mixml Hosting's Gamepanel
With Mixml Hosting's gamepanel your server controls are easy to reach and easier to use.
With a few clicks you can manage your server settings, check its status, control your backups and much more. Stick around to see what exactly our panel offers for you and your server!
Real Time Server Control
Easy Access Backups
Enhanced File Management
and much more!
A Quick Preview
  • Server Controls
    Our Server Controls offer an easy way to manage your server real time. From seeing your server setup statistics to viewing your server's console. This page offers all the options necessary to provide a smooth experience to your community.
  • Server Database
    MixmlHosting's Game Panel offers a quick accessible database library for your server allowing you the easy access you'll need to make adjustments when necessary.
  • Server Subusers
    MixmlHosting offers a way to give your developers access to your server without giving your password to them. You can suspend their access whenever you want!
  • File Manager
    You may not always have access to tools to manage your server and its files, that's where our panel comes in. MixmlHosting's File Manager allows you to manage your server files with ease.
  • File Editor
    Not only can you manage your files, but also edit them when necessary. This feature allows you to make adjustments when necessary with ease.
  • Backups
    With our game panel you can view your backups, restore to them or create a new backup for future use. We made the experience as easy as we could to allow you to provide a seemless experience for your players should anything occur.
  • Scheduling
    Our game panel provides you the tools to manage your server via schedules set which allow you to set parameters beforehand along with certain actions for the server to run.
  • Start Up Config
    With the Mixml Hosting configuration page you can adjust your server's start up settings to suit your needs. You can change your player limits, default map of the server.