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Privacy Policy
LAST UPDATED: 13/09/2020


Our Privacy Policy is in place to ensure that we keep all users details safe and secure while ensuring everyone's rights are being followed legally. We report all data breaches they may harm you the consumer to the ICO (Information Commissioners)

Information We Collect When Browsing Our Site

When browsing MixmlHosting.com we do store/use certain data such as your general location, country and browsing history on our site. This information does not go out to any arbitrary 3rd parties and only but MixmlHosting itself.

Information We Collect When Using Our Services

We collect certain information to improve your service with us and this information is mainly used to help us help you. Information we store and collect 1. Email Address 2. First And Last Nmae Phone Number Full Address Including State, Province, ZIP & Postal Codes, City Cookies And Usage Data We may also use your data to personally contact you with newsletters or marketing to help improve your services.

Retention Of Data

MixmlHosting will only keep your data as long as its needed to improve your service or aid in our interest of security. MixmlHosting will comply with ICO regulations and if users request to have their data removed we will be obliged to do so. Following ICO guidance we will not delete data till 30 days after request.


Security Is MixmlHostings Utmost Important Part and we attempt to secure all our systems to the best ability we can. We must remember this is the internet and we cannot guarantee the security of data.