Terms of Service
Before you get any service with Mixml, we expect you to agree with our TOS.
Terms of Service
LAST UPDATED: 03/06/2021


Terms of service or for short TOS is a agreement between MixmlHosting.com and the user of a product or service. We may reference Mixmlhosting to "Mixml", "us", "we" and "our" which all refers to the company. By using a product / service of Mixml you are bound to agree to our TOS if you wish to not agree to them you will not be able to run a service with us. Mixml reserves the right to edit this TOS when they wish and it is up to the user to update them self with it. By using a service with us and agreeing to our TOS you also agree to our Privacy Policy 

MixmlHosting & Partners Limited reserves the right to partially or fully modify any service policy Agreement at any time and primarily at our sole discretion, We also may not notify you about these changes and they are in immediate effect once posted onto the site. If you do not agree to these changes made to our service Agreements then please immediately cancel your services with us via your client area.

By accepting our main terms of service agreement your also agreeing to our Privacy Policy (https://mixmlhosting.com/privacy)


MixmlHosting & Partners Limited is currently a registered company in England and wales with the registration number 12565765. Our current registered office address is 38 Conway Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, England. Although these details are subject to change at any given moment reletive to the rest of our terms of service. MixmlHosting.com is MixmlHosting & Partners (hub) or (centre) for trading. 

MixmlHostings ICO Registration Number as of the last updated date is (ZA783822). MixmlHosting is obliged to report any data breaches to the ICO to ensure all laws and regulations or her majesty's the Queen is being followed as stated under UK law.

Site Updates & Modifcations

MixmlHosting may update any information on the MixmlHosting site (mixmlhosting.com) at any time without formally informing you about the changes and we may not provide advanced notice. information on any product on the site may not be solely correct and its always best to ask our support team for the most up to date info on products/services.


MixmlHosting currently offers a 48 hour refund timeframe from when the initial payment for the service is made referring to when the service was first purchased, this refund policy does not count for reoccurring payments that happen when you or our system renews the service as they are non-refundable. If you are caught abusing our services or breaching any other terms in this agreement your rights of a refund are voided.

In some circumstances we cannot refund you due to the products not being eligible.

1. Dedicated Servers or custom orders (orders that are not stock on our site) are not refundable

2. You have had another services refunded in the last 12 months

3. You added a credit balance to the account


When purchasing a (MixmlHosting) service you are not obliged to a contract or any legally binding signature or legislation giving you (consumer) the ability to cancel your monthly (contract/bill) at any point in time depending on your situation.

Chargebacks Via PayPal or Bank

When purchasing a MixmlHosting service/product you agree to the following chargeback agreement. Any chargeback made to/on MixmlHosting to financially defraud us (MixmlHosting) is legally binding as fraud and will be treated the same way under the United Kingdoms legal bindings. Once a (Chargeback/Dispute) is opened via PayPal or your bank, MixmlHosting (us) will* launch a full investigation into it and must ensure that we treat it as a illegal action on your side (consumer)

Data Loss

MixmlHosting is not responsible for any data loss (stored information) and its souly up to the client to ensure that their data is regularly backed up to avoid any losses. MixmlHosting (us) does provide many reassurances such as RAID, BACKUPS but these terms are not to be assumed as permeant or fool proof (We cannot guarantee your data will never be lost.)

What You Store

MixmlHosting is not at legal responsible for any data a user stores on the MixmlHosting servers and services. Although depending on the content MixmlHosting is obliged to refuse service to the user (consumer) if we deem illegal or abusive use is detected.

Ping Attacks/DDOS Attacks

MixmlHosting does not tolerate any user using their service to purposefully attack network or server infrastructure and will immediately terminate the service if a user is caught doing a DOS (DDoS Attack). Any DOS (DDoS Attacks) heading for any MixmlHosting services will be treated as illegal actions towards MixmlHosting and we will contact our authorities if we deem a need to.

Acceptable Use Policy

Any service purchased from MixmlHosting & Partners Limited (us) must be used as intended and not for arbitrary uses. (For a example web hosting must be used to host your website not for a storage server.)

When MixmlHosting refers to Unlimited/Unmetered we are referring to a soft limit of 200GBs and then the user must open a service ticket to exceed that amount. This is for the safety of our infrastructure and ensuring we don't have any abuse on our servers. Unlimited/Unmetered in terms of CPU is in place as long as it is not abused or causes any other clients to experiance issues, It may be set to a capped amount if your server uses to much.

The following rules are apply to all services/products from MixmlHosting & Partners Limited. You are not allowed to exceed or do or be included in the following actions as they will result in the cancellation, suspension or even immediate termination of your service with us.

1. Abusing our web hosting email services by sending mass, spam, pornography or just abusive emails through our servers to outside sources.

2. Abusing the network to purposefully slow MixmlHosting (us) services down or affect other customers to cause downtime.

3. Sending DoS/DDoS Attacks on or to MixmlHosting services is strictly prohibited/not allowed

4. Violating companies Copyright/Trademark affections is not allowed.

5. Using TOR On our services is strictly prohibited to limit abusive actions.

6. Spoofing or and changing your IP address to mask yourself from justice or legal entities such as ourselves is not allowed.

MixmlHosting withholds the right to suspend, terminate and or close your services and account without discretion and warning. And as doing so we will not refund you (consumer) due to the damages most likely caused/done.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

MixmlHosting does offer a SLA service agreement to ensure we keep a reletively good uptime and performance to our clients (consumers), For each hour a MixmlHosting service is offline we will provide 5% off your monthly invoice. eg. 4 Hours of unplanned service downtime will result in you getting 20% off your next month.

Their are use cases where this does not count which are the following

1. Its out our service support hours 11AM - 2AM UK Time

2. Its planned downtime which we have alerted you on.


MixmlHosting may invite certain people and communities to join the partner program which allows them to get certain discounts on services and even free services. The amount of discount or what free service MixmlHosting does is up to them and listed to you when you join. A Partner is free to leave the program at any time but we expect a notice when it happens.


MixmlHosting includes a affiliate system for every client and partner to use. You get a personalized link of which you may send to your friends and family to inform them of MixmlHosting services. In return MixmlHosting will give you a % of what the purchasing new user paid for.(Once a user has purchased under your link a pay-out must wait 14 days. This is to ensure we keep scamming to a minimum.) After requesting a withdrawel request MixmlHosting will then look into it and send you the funds within 31 days but usually sooner. Affiliate codes may only be used by individuals and not companies / websites such as coupon givers.

Using the affiliate link purposefully to get a discount on your own service is prohibited and frowned upon. We will charge users who do this.

MixmlHosting may offer increased affiliate amounts to partners but there is a limit of 20% affiliate percentage on Virtual Private Servers & Dedicated Servers, This is due to the additional costs they incur to MixmlHosting

If MixmlHosting decides to refund or change a users package then the amount due to the affiliated is no longer valid, If the package then MixmlHosting will provide the affiliate on the new product and not the old. If the affiliate is in a partnership agreement with a increased affiliate amount then the affiliate amount will be decreased to 20% due to the user no longer being a partner or getting partner rates. If you are caught breaking our terms of service by means of getting your account closed or blocked you are unelligable to withdraw your affiliate amount.

Overdue Invoices

Users that forget to pay their invoices by the due date risk their data being lost at any time after the due date. MixmlHosting suspends all overdue services as soon as you are a day over and then 2 days once a payment is not recieved your service will be terminated and all data lost.

Speed Gaurentee

MixmlHosting offers a speed guarantee on its game services. If your ping is higher then 100 on your service that is stock (new) and the server is based in your country MixmlHosting must give you a 50% discount as a penalty to ourselves.

Electronic Notifications

Due to the time the world lives in MixmlHosting only provides notifications on the users services by Electronic contact meaning we send you alerts by EMail, SMS, Social Media (Including Discord). If you wish we can physically send you a notification letter about upcoming invoices and payments etc but there may be a additional monthly cost.

Reselling Program

MixmlHosting offers a reseller program to certain people of whom are allowed to sell MixmlHosting services under their own name. At no point will MixmlHosting interact with your customers but there must be fair play involved. If MixmlHosting finds or gathers info that there has been customer "Poaching" it may result in a termination of your partnership service or all your services entirely.

Businesses Using Our Services

MixmlHosting fully allows other businesses or groups of users to use and sell our services onwards but MixmlHosting does not allow that business to "Poach or "take" or steal customers from MixmlHostings business resulting in a loss of revenue for MixmlHosting. MixmlHosting reserves the right to cancel a user or businesses service if we find this to be true and correct. Its also not allowed for a different group / company to try and leave reviews on MixmlHosting if its on the soul intent to change people views of MixmlHostings reputation in the industry.

Invoice Creation

Invoices are automatically generated 14-20 days before the service is due, If there is a automatic payment system linked to the account (For example PayPal Billing Agreement) then on the day the invoice is generated your card / PayPal will automatically be charged / attempted, You can have early automatic payments turned off via opening a ticket.