Terms of Service

Before you get any service with Mixml, we expect you to agree with our TOS
LAST UPDATED: 23/04/2020


Terms of service or for short TOS is a agreement between MixmlHosting.com and the user of a product or service. We may reference Mixmlhosting to "Mixml", "us", "we" and "our" which all refers to the company. By using a product / service of Mixml you are bound to agree to our TOS if you wish to not agree to them you will not be able to run a service with us. Mixml reserves the right to edit this TOS when they wish and it is up to the user to update them self with it. By using a service with us and agreeing to our TOS you also agree to our Privacy Policy 


1. By purchasing a service / product with Mixml you agree that you are over the age of 13 or have evidence of parental consent.

2. We Reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account without notice if you are found guilty of disobeying our TOS Or Privacy Policy if you fail to follow these instructions. refunds won't be given to those who violate our terms.

Account Details

1. Customers of MixmlHosting are required to use accurate details for there accounts so we can contact them. failure to do that may result in a termination of your account or service without notice.

2. Correct details for accounts is also needed to setup your service / product. Mixml will not give free days if you put wrong info in and dont recieve your product / service instantly


1. MixmlHosting may only offer refunds if the users service is defective or not working as intended. If Mixml finds the service is working as intended we will not give a refund.

2. For certain products we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. Refer to 2a

2a. Extreme servers

3. MixmlHosting will not refund people who forgot to cancel there auto pay subscription. It is up to the user to cancel this after they cancel there service.


1. Any chargeback, dispute, or claim filed against us will result in immediate action and termination of all your current products and/or services associated to the customers account.

Data Loss

1. We may incorporate multiple features such as RAID and proactive disk monitoring to mitigate the risk of data loss on our products and/or services. However, you are ultimately responsible for your data stored on our products and/or services. We shall not be held responsible for any data loss, regardless of the cause.


1. MixmlHotsing does not stand any verbal abuse from users. If found to be doing this MixmlHosting has the right to terminate or suspend your services with us.

Affliate Rules

1. After 3 Months of receiving someone affiliate amount the end user (the referee) may be entitled to cancel your link to his server in turn stopping anymore payments going towards you.
2. If your caught abusing any system or aspect of the affiliate system you will be instantly terminated from using the feature.
3. If you decide to break any discord rule you are subjecting your self to loose this privilege also. To summarise the affiliate rules Mixml reserves the right to cancel or stop anymore payments going towards the refer

Speed Guarantee

1. The Speed Guarantee is a policy that gives the user the ability to refund there product if the following specifications aren't reached as we promised(refer to 2).
2. The Speed Guarantee means that the following specifications must be met by us (MixmlHosting) ping lower then 85 if your server is in the same country then you and the server is stock. If these Guarantees aren't met by us we will refund your money.

Network Abuse Policy

1. All our services run on 1Gbit Connections to the outer world. Anyone found to be abusing our network will have there services suspended or terminated depending on if the user responds